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Wakol B3 Professional Adhesive Trowel

SKU: 500770021

Wakol B3 Professional Adhesive Trowel

V-notched trowel for applying wood flooring adhesives.

SKU: 500770021 Categories: ,
wakol b3 professional adhesive trowelImages are for illustrative purposes only and colours may differ from screen to screen.
Notched trowel according to TKB for applying Wakol parquet adhesives. Wakol Parquet Notched Trowels are available in notch sizes B3, B5, B11 and B13 from Canadia.

Special Features

Space depth: 3.25mm
Space width: 3.3mm
Arc width: 3.7mm
Angle: 55o
Application rate: 800 – 1000g m/2




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