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Tuprotec Floor Protector (18.7sqm Roll)

SKU: 500110005

Tuprotec Floor Protector (18.7sqm Roll)

TUPROTEC is a floor protector used to prevent the penetration of paint / water and other liquids. The balance moisture in the floor can penetrate through the special foam and membrane which allows the protector to breathe. It has special PE-foam which lightly sticks to the floor to prevent slipping. TUPROTEC is equipped with adhesive overlaps to eliminate the need for tape and it is resuable which means it can be used again and again.

SKU: 500110005 Categories: ,
Tuprotec Floor Protector 17m X 1.1m X 3mm (18.7sqm Roll)Images are for illustrative purposes only and colours may differ from screen to screen.

3 mm


1100 mm


17000 mm

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