Shanghai Oak 12mm


Shanghai Oak 12mm


Shanghai Oak 12mm laminate flooring offers warm honey tones and a natural-looking wood grain. This exquisite design invites a luxurious yet comforting atmosphere into any room of your home, creating spaces that are both elegant and inviting.

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Shanghai Oak 12mm laminate flooring is a tribute to nature's artistry, a celebration of the exquisite warmth and charm that only wood can convey. Its natural-looking wood grain, rich with intricate details, graces your floors with a character that's both intimate and inspiring.

The honey-toned hues of Shanghai Oak are like a gentle embrace, welcoming you into spaces filled with comfort and elegance. Picture it in your living room, where the soft, amber glow of the wood grain blends seamlessly with cosy fabrics and cherished heirlooms. Visualise it in a study or home office, where the flooring's warmth adds an air of quiet contemplation and focus, enhancing both productivity and pleasure.

In the dining room, Shanghai Oak transforms everyday meals into special occasions, as the rich wood tones create a backdrop that's as appetising as it is appealing. It's a floor that doesn't just match your decor; it magnifies it, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with its unique texture and design.

With an AC5 durability rating, Shanghai Oak also promises a lasting beauty that's more than skin deep. It's not just a feast for the eyes but a promise of quality that you can rely on, day after day, year after year. The endurance of this flooring means it's not just a part of your home but a part of your life, a companion that's as dependable as it is delightful.

Shanghai Oak is more than a floor. It's a statement, a style, a sanctuary. It's the poetry of wood captured in laminate, a testament to the timeless appeal of nature's own design. Choosing Shanghai Oak is choosing a world where beauty is not just seen but felt, where every room becomes a canvas and every step a masterpiece.


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Durable - resistant to stains, impacts and scratches
  • Hygienic - quick to clean and suitable for allergies
  • Swift installation - easy-to-install click fit system
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Image protected from UV rays
  • Environmentally-friendly

Additional information

Dimensions1202 × 195 × 12 mm



1202 mm


195 mm


12 mm

Pack Size








AC Rating




Suitable for Underfloor Heating


Domestic Guarantee

25 Years

Matching Profile Reference

Grey 3

Matching Scotia Reference

Gordon Oak (6103)



Click System

Drop Click

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