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Royl Bio Oil Pigment - Mountain Grey 09

SKU: 5001200022

Royl Bio Oil Pigment – Mountain Grey 09

Rigostep COLOR for OIL is a color pigment that can be mixed with Royl Bio Oil and Royl Oil 2K. These pigments ensure that a clear primer or oil gets a certain colour. Every colour pigment creates it’s own unique appearance. If you want the color to become less intensive, you can pour less in the oil or primer. For a more intense and fuller colour, you can add up to 2 colour pigments to 1 litre of primer or oil. In most cases, 1 color pigment is sufficient.

SKU: 5001200022 Categories: ,
Royl bio oil pigment can on wood floorImages are for illustrative purposes only and colours may differ from screen to screen.

Range: Maintenance

Product Type: Oil

Volume: 125ml

Colour: Mountain Grey 09

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