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Ram Board Temp Floor Protection (29.4 sqm)

SKU: 500221001

Ram Board Temp Floor Protection (29.4 sqm)

Ram Board offers robust, temporary floor covering designed for Contractors. It’s created to be both cost-effective and efficient, rolling out quickly and can be used again. This product doesn’t leave stains and features Vapor-Cure™ technology, which aids in the appropriate curing of new floors on work sites. It also includes unique Spill Guard™ technology for extra safeguarding against water, paint, mud, and similar substances.

This product effectively shields a range of surfaces including new and existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (VCT), and epoxy.

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  • Natural rubber with integrated backing and aluminium vapour barrier
  • Prolongs the serviceable life of any floor covering
  • Prevents overstraining of the floor boards
  • Weight 2.1kg/m²
  • Excellent impact sound insulation - 21dB
  • Footfall sound improvement - reduction by up to 20%
  • Permanent pressure resistance - 2KN/m² - 5KN/m²
  • Thermal Resistance (R-Value) - 0.16 m²/K/W
  • Tog Value - 1.6

4.6 mm


965 mm


30.48 m

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