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Ram Board Seam Tape - 50m

SKU: 500221002

Ram Board Seam Tape – 50m

Seam Tape is specifically made to secure Ram Board joints. The 3-inch width provides extra coverage over Ram Board seams. Easy to tear and install thanks to its kraft backing, this tape is also recyclable. However, due to its strong contractor-grade adhesive, it’s not recommended to apply it directly onto finished floors and surfaces. As with most tapes, it’s not vapor permeable, so it’s best to avoid using it in areas where curing floors require ventilation.

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  • 3-inch width effortlessly spans Ram Board seams
  • Specially designed to be compatible with Ram Board
  • Unique kraft backing that tears effortlessly, resulting in an extremely durable, smooth finish
  • 100% recyclable

50 m

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