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Floorboy XL 300 Machine (Buffer)

SKU: 500917100

Floorboy XL 300 Machine (Buffer)

The Floorboy XL 300 is an easy-to-use buffer used for the cleaning and maintenance of floors. Manufactured by Overmat.

SKU: 500917100 Categories: ,
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The Floorboy XL300 is an excentric rotating 12 single-disc machine suitable for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors and for applying maintenance oil-on-oiled floors. The handy light machine is also suitable for use on stone floors, linoleum and other hard surfaces.

  • Very user-friendly single disc machine
  • For an even distribution and finish that is never replicated by hand
  • A suitable pad (33 cm) is available for every operation

The Floorboy XL300 is suitable for professional and domestic use for cleaning, oiling maintenance, base oil, polishing, stripping and polishing of all hard floors. Easy to operate and move. Use in combination with the 33cm polishing pads (exclusive). Comes with a drive plate, which can also be ordered separately.

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