Farmhouse Oak 12mm


Farmhouse Oak 12mm


Embrace the elegance of Farmhouse Oak 12mm laminate flooring. With a vibrant woodgrain and warm brown shades, it brings the countryside’s natural atmosphere into your home. This flooring is perfect for creating spaces filled with warmth, authenticity, and timeless style.

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Farmhouse Oak 12mm laminate flooring embodies the robust spirit of rural craftsmanship with a modern flair. This flooring transports the rich traditions of the countryside into your home with its vibrant woodgrain and warm shade of brown.

Imagine Farmhouse Oak in your living space, where the intricate patterns of the wood tell a story, woven with the elegance of nature's design. It's a floor that resonates with the soul, offering an authentic connection to the earth and its timeless beauty.

In a dining area, Farmhouse Oak turns ordinary gatherings into heartwarming feasts, with its warm brown tones setting a stage for joyful meals and lively conversation. It’s an invitation to the senses, teasing with visual warmth that transcends mere appearance.

Moving into the bedroom, this flooring's natural hues create a calming environment, encouraging relaxation and restorative sleep. It's the perfect retreat at the end of the day, a sanctuary where you can unwind and escape from the demands of the outside world.

With its AC5 durability rating, Farmhouse Oak offers not only an aesthetically pleasing experience but also a practical one. It's designed to endure, ensuring that the natural beauty you fall in love with remains consistent and true through the seasons of your life.

Farmhouse Oak is more than a choice of flooring; it's a lifestyle choice. It appeals to those who appreciate the finer details, the nuances that make a house a home. It's an ode to simplicity, a statement of style, a connection to something bigger. Farmhouse Oak is the essence of homeliness, of warmth, and of natural elegance that transcends mere decoration.


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Durable - resistant to stains, impacts and scratches
  • Hygienic - quick to clean and suitable for allergies
  • Swift installation - easy-to-install click fit system
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Image protected from UV rays
  • Environmentally-friendly

Additional information

Dimensions1202 × 195 × 12 mm



1202 mm


195 mm


12 mm

Pack Size








AC Rating




Suitable for Underfloor Heating


Domestic Guarantee

25 Years

Matching Profile Reference

Oak 8

Matching Scotia Reference

Berlin Oak (1612)

Click System

Drop Click

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