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Egger Floor Fitting/Laying Kit

SKU: 500824900

Egger Floor Fitting/Laying Kit

The EGGER installation set is suitable for all EGGER floors and helps with the quick and professional installation of your floor.  The 22-piece set consists of 20 spacing wedges, which ensure the correct wall clearance when laying the flooring and protects the floor surface from moving. The pull bar glued on the back with felt is used to join two floor panels. The striking block is made from 100% solid beech and can be used for all EGGER floors as well as for floors with the patented EGGER CLIC it! Locking system.

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Egger floor fitting laying kitImages are for illustrative purposes only and colours may differ from screen to screen.


  • 20 plastic spacer wedges (55 x 29 x 3-10 mm)
  • 1 steel pull bar (260 x 60-30 x 4 mm) with felt dots on the back
  • Impact block (230 x 55 x 25 mm) made of 100% beech with "self-holding function" for CLIC it! Floors.


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