Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring For Your Home?

Solid wood flooring, also called hardwood flooring, is the original timber floor. It is timeless, sophisticated and an excellent investment for any home. Made from a single solid piece of wood, this type of flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas including hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. 

There are an abundance of different finishes to choose from too, so there is plenty of freedom to create your own, distinct style at home. Below, the Canadia team has written an easy-to-read piece that looks at why you should think about buying solid wood flooring for your property. 

It Enhances Your Space

A big reason to choose solid wood flooring for your home is that it will upgrade the look and feel of your rooms. Natural wood flooring is elegant and inviting; it is a style that never goes out of fashion and can in fact make your rooms look larger and wider too. If you have a smaller living space that you’d like to make look bigger, then a solid wood floor is an excellent option. It makes an immediate impression on any visitor to your home too.

Superb Durability

Secondly, wooden floors are also practical choices for their robustness and durability. Hardwood flooring is strong and will remain in good condition for a lifetime, confidently lasting for decades. So long as you keep your floor cared for and maintained for, it’ll look great for years to come. It’ll be able to deal with all the traffic and daily life that a floor experiences. 

Simple to Clean

A solid wood floor is really easy to keep clean. You can simply sweep, steam-clean or vacuum your hardwood floor to get rid of any dirt or debris that has built up. All in all, you won’t really need to clean your floor very often; it will be low-maintenance and straightforward to keep looking wonderful. 

Boosts the Value of Your Home

There are also financial benefits too – as a solid floor will increase the value of your home. When it comes to the time for you to put your home on the market, buyers will be prepared to pay more for your home with a hardwood floor, compared to if it just had carpet. Hardwood floors are great for allergy sufferers, as they don’t retain dust, animal dander, pollen or other allergens. So, they’re a huge plus for any prospective buyer.

Buy Solid Wooden Floors in Dublin

All things considered, solid wood flooring is a fantastic choice for your home. It is versatile and ideal for all rooms including bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, dining rooms and playrooms. Similarly, it’s clean and hygienic, so it’s a really good option for anyone who suffers from allergies. Of course, it’s also a really stylish and elegant choice; it enhances any space that it’s installed in. With so many different finishes and colours available, there are a whole host of directions you can take with your solid wood floor. 

Here at Canadia, we make the cost of wooden floors in Ireland really affordable and competitive – offering superb prices across our extensive range. As one of the leading hardwood floor stores, we’re proud to offer high quality flooring. View our solid wood collection here.

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