Site Surveys

Here at Canadia, we want to guarantee that your new wood floor is perfect. A floor can be for life, after all! A crucial step that should be carried out before you install your floor is a site survey.

What is a Site Survey?

A site survey is a very important procedure in which all the necessary information is gathered before floor installation. This information includes the layout, measurements, levels, temperature, and moisture levels amongst many other factors. A site survey should be carried out before the installation of a new wood floor. Any drainage systems should be installed to drain water away from the area. This includes gutters and pipes. If you plan on having any work done that involves liquids, such as plastering, painting, or laying down concrete, this should be done before the floor is laid. As well as this, all heating systems, air conditioning, windows and doors should be installed and working.

Why should you get a Site Survey?

A site survey ensures that you select the correct product to suit your needs. It also ensures that the measurements are accurate, and the site conditions are suitable for your new wood floor. Site surveys set out a plan so that your wood floor will be installed successfully.

Once the site survey has been completed and your floor has been selected and purchased, you should begin acclimatising your new floor in its environment before it is laid. By acclimatising your wood floor, you allow the wood to adjust to the new moisture levels, temperature, and environment. While the site survey may determine that the floor is suitable for the conditions, the floor still has to adapt, or it may expand or contract whilst fitted. Therefore, it is important that acclimatisation and site surveys are completed before the installation of your new wood floor to ensure that your home will be as beautiful as it can be!

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