Protecting your Natural Wood Flooring from Sun Damage 

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homes and this flooring solution is undeniably beautiful. Not only does the natural warmth of a wooden floor help to make your home inviting, but this flooring material is known for being durable too. When you take good care of natural wood flooring, it will stand the test of time and look stunning for years to come. 

Until they install hardwood flooring, lots of homeowners don’t realise that the sun can damage this type of flooring in the same way the sun can damage furniture, rugs and artwork. Often, wood flooring isn’t recommended for rooms like the conservatory that are flooded with sunlight every day as this has the potential to cause serious damage.

If you would love to have natural wood flooring in your home but you’re not sure how to protect it from sun damage, below we have put together some information you may find useful. 

How does the sun damage wood flooring?

Natural wood flooring is photosensitive, which means it reacts to sunlight. Over time, your wooden floor will either fade or darken in the presence of sunlight, depending on the type of wood it’s made from and the finish used on the floor. The sun’s UV rays, in particular, can be very damaging to hardwood flooring and if the sun is constantly shining through your windows onto your floors, you will notice that they slowly start to change colour. 

Tips for preventing sun damage

Although it’s not possible to completely prevent sun damage on solid wood flooring, unless it never comes into contact with UV light, there are some things you can do to protect the floors throughout your home. Some things we would recommend to all homeowners include; 

Use the right finish 

As touched on above, the finish on your hardwood floors will have an impact on how the sunlight affects them. Some finishes can help to protect your floors and slow the fading or darkening process. If you have big windows and glass doors in your home, you should ensure you use the right finish and a flooring expert can provide you with some advice if required. 

If your natural wood flooring is already sun-damaged, it is possible to restore your floors. You can sand them down, stain them and refinish them to create an even look, and it’s a great option to consider if your floors don’t currently look the way you want them to. 

Close your blinds

One of the easiest ways to protect your wood flooring is to close your blinds, curtains or shutters during the day. Most people open their blinds to fill their homes with natural light, but keeping them shut will prevent the UV rays from reaching the floor. If you have plantation shutters, you may be able to tilt the louvres upwards to redirect the sunlight and protect your floors too.

Install window films

Instead of keeping your blinds closed during the day, you have the option to install UV-filtering window films. These films work in a similar way to window tints that people have on their car windows and they will help filter out the UV light that is damaging to your hardwood floors. There are different films available that allow different amounts of sunlight to pass through. 

Rearrange furniture and rugs

Whenever you have natural wood flooring, it’s advisable to rearrange your furniture and move your rugs around from time to time. This will help to prevent the uncovered parts of your floors from being more damaged by sunlight than the covered parts and your flooring will remain an even colour. You may be able to strategically place furniture in your room to help protect the hardwood floors too and it’s worth experimenting with your layout. 

Install a lighter-coloured hardwood 

This won’t help to prevent sun damage, but it’s an option to consider, especially if you like the look of lighter wooden floors. Light solid wood flooring may still fade over time in the sunlight, however, opting for a lighter colour can help to minimise the faded appearance and you might not notice the fading as much when you have light floors. 

Purchasing wood flooring in Ireland

Hopefully, if you’re interested in installing natural wood flooring in your home, the information above will help you to protect it from sun damage. When searching for somewhere to purchase high-quality wood flooring in Ireland, explore the Canadia website today. We believe that a carefully selected floor can enhance your interior and become a focal point, and with many years of experience, our team can help you to find the perfect flooring solution for your home.  

If you have any questions about the different wooden flooring options on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help. 


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