Popular Laminate Flooring Kitchen Ideas For Your Home

Thinking about updating your kitchen floor, and interested in laminate flooring? In this post, the Canadia team looks at a number of stylish, contemporary laminate flooring kitchen ideas. Laminate flooring can give you the look of real wood, but it’s much more practical and cost-effective than a hardwood natural floor. 

It is a great choice for a kitchen, as it’s able to deal with lots of daily traffic – thanks to its impressive durability and resistance characteristics. Read below for some kitchen flooring inspiration – you’ll find several elegant laminate flooring kitchen ideas for you to ponder. If you’re looking to go ahead and buy laminate flooring, then contact Canadia today. 

Classic Oak Finish

One of the most popular choices of laminate flooring is undoubtedly the timeless, classic oak finish. This is a traditional wooden style which is a brilliant option for a kitchen; this is because it has a natural and neutral tone, so it is suitable for every single type of kitchen scheme or colour palette. Natural finishes never go out of fashion, and they complement every space they’re put in. If you are considering going for this sort of finish, it’s vital that you sample your choices first – just to see how it looks in your kitchen’s natural light and environment. 

Modern Grey Laminate

Grey laminate floors are a brilliant way to inject a sense of modernity and contemporariness into your kitchen. Neutral shades of grey are on-trend right now, and they make any kitchen space look modern, so if this is the sort of aesthetic you are looking for, grey is the colour for you. Grey laminates go particularly well with bright colour schemes too, and it can be a lovely idea to pair your laminate flooring with bold and bright colours throughout your kitchen. 

Rustic Finishes

Country kitchen aesthetics are all the rage right now. And, you can achieve this popular look with a rustic laminate floor that looks inviting, warming and homely. Rustic laminate flooring features knots and grain patterns, so it has a lot of character and distinctness about it. When incorporated into your kitchen, it will add interest and texture to the space. Whether you have a true country kitchen, or want to design a unique, diverse kitchen area, a rustic finish is always a great option.

Buy Laminate Flooring in Dublin

As you can see, laminate flooring is a superb choice for kitchens. It’s durable, cheaper than other options, and is really easy to clean. Likewise, it’s also water resistant too – so you won’t need to worry about any kitchen accidents or spillages, as your laminate floor will be more than able to cope. If you are considering buying laminate flooring, then Canadia can assist you. 

From Albi Honey Oak and American Walnut Gloss to Rustic Oak and Stade Oak Herringbone, Canadia offers over a hundred different laminate flooring options for you to choose from. All of our laminate floors offer the same excellent benefits – they’re hard-wearing, low-cost and involve straightforward installation. If you need any assistance with choosing the right laminate floor for your kitchen, then our team is always on-hand to give you professional advice and guidance. 

We have decades of flooring expertise, are proud members of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and have a state-of-the-art design showroom in Dublin for you to visit. Feel free to contact us today on 01 461 0997 or email us directly at info@canadia.ie

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