Party Time – Wood Floor Care

Are you organising a party and are worried about your wooden floor? Keep on reading for a few simple tips to prevent damage to your floor.

  1. Don’t overclean

Before guests come over, often the host will want to ensure that their house is looking immaculate. However, over-cleaning and waxing wood flooring can make your floor very slippery. You don’t want people falling, plates crashing and cakes splattering all over your floor. Protect your floor instead by sweeping, dry mopping, vacuuming, and removing stains. Try to make sure that your floor does not get wet. Our microfibre mops (which can be viewed here) are excellent for removing dust from your floors. Microfibre mops can be used both wet and dry. Dry particles like hair and dust are much easier to clean when dry. Therefore, these micro-particles can easily be cleaned up without making your floor slippery.

  1. No shoes

High traffic is not good for your floor. Lots of shoes and heavy footsteps can damage the wood. Encouraging your guests to remove their shoes at the door can reduce the risk of damage to your floor. This also decreases the amount of dirt that is carried into your house so no particles will be left on your floor or in between floorboards.

  1. Place felt pads on your movable furniture

You may need to rearrange your furniture for the party. Chairs may also get dragged around at the event. This can create scratches on your floor. Placing felt pads under the legs of your furniture will help protect your wood floor. Felt pads are an affordable way to protect your floor from this kind of damage. As the name suggests, they are made of felt and are adhesive on one side. They come in a range of sizes and thicknesses so there should be plenty to suit your furniture. At Canadia, we offer these felt pads or we also have our Canadia castor cups. These castor cups are placed at the bottom of the legs of your furniture and have felt underneath which helps protect your floors and keeps your furniture looking neat and tidy. For more information on these products, click here.

  1. Set down mats at high-activity areas

Every party tends to have a certain place that guests will gravitate towards, and this is where your floor may receive the most wear. These high-activity areas generally include the front door, living room and kitchen. The latter area is also prone to spillages. By placing mats or floor runners in these areas, you can prevent your floor from picking up stains or getting soaked with liquids.

  1. Outdoor Games

A party would be incomplete without some fun games! Where at all possible, these games should be set up outside and enjoyed just as much – your floor will thank you for it.

  1. Avoid Sticky Decorations

In today’s market, there is a never-ending choice when it comes to party decorations. You may wish to fully deck your house out with some feisty ornaments. It is important to consider what kind of decorations you are using. Avoid using silly string and other sticky trinkets that may be difficult to remove from your floor and that may also stain it.

  1. Tidy as you go

After taking all the aforementioned steps, there may still be some spillages. If this happens, clean it up as quickly as possible so that it does not set. Leave some paper towels or napkins around so that anyone who spills something can quickly wipe it up.

With these tips in hand, you can now throw the best party of the year without fear that your lovely wood floor will be ruined.

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