Parquet Flooring – Everything You Need to Know

Parquet flooring is an excellent choice for your home. It injects a touch of history and class, and it can also be a statement piece that stands out and draws attention to your spaces. With so many different parquet floors to choose from, there is so much freedom when you choose this style. 

If you have been pondering upgrading your flooring and you’re interested in parquet floors, then this is the perfect guide for you. The team at Canadia has written a helpful guide to everything you should know about parquet flooring. Read below to learn more about this classic style, and if you would like to browse through our stylish flooring – visit our Parquet section.

Parquet Flooring; What is it?

Parquet flooring was first introduced in France back in the 17th century; it is made from woodblocks glued to a sub floor, which creates geometric patterns. It can be available as both solid, engineered and laminate boards. Solid floors are advantageous as they can be refreshed by sanding and re-oiling or lacquering. Whereas, engineered floors are pre-finished and offer greater stability – making them good for underfloor heating too. As a parquet floor requires a level subfloor, it will need professional installation by a specialist. 

The Popular Flooring Patterns to Choose

When you’re thinking about parquet flooring, there are a number of popular styles that stick out immediately. These include traditional herringbone and chevron, both of which come in so many different patterns. Herringbone and chevron designs which are laid using oversized boards are particularly sought-after. They create an impressive, bold and contemporary look that works great in open plan spaces. 

Maintaining your Parquet Floor

The question that comes up a lot is – is parquet flooring easy to maintain? The answer is yes, you simply treat it the same as you would a normal wooden floor. This means sweeping and mopping gently, and you can protect it with a lacquer. If your parquet floor becomes damaged, then individual blocks can be removed with ease and replaced as needed. 

Choosing your Parquet flooring

By far and away, the most popular choice is oak, and this can range from golden brown to silvery grey. This is coloured by coating with a wax or coloured lacquer. As an alternative, the boards can be fumed with ammonia too. If you are thinking about getting parquet flooring for your home, then there are so many choices available at Canadia. 

The Mountain Chalk Oak Chevron is a great versatile choice of parquet floor. It is stylish and modern, and will suit any decor that it is placed in. It features timeless Chevron planks and is finished in a UV matt lacquer, which protects its aesthetic and provides a practical, natural floor finish too. Mountain Rustic Oak Herringbone is also a popular choice; this is a stunning white oak herringbone, which is prefinished in a UV matt lacquer for a natural look and feel.

Leading Parquet Flooring Suppliers

Now that you know more about parquet flooring, if you are interested in updating your property’s floor, then Canadia can bring your dreams to life. We provide high quality parquet flooring in a variety of styles including Chevron and Herringbone. All of our Parquet flooring designs are elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, adding both style and comfort into your home.

To find out more about our parquet flooring solutions, please get in touch with the team at Canadia. You can call us on 01 461 0997 to speak with a member of our team. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with more details and discuss your requirements in more depth. 

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