Minimalism vs Maximalism

German-American architect and designer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, stated the famous phrase; “Less is more”. Fellow American architect and designer, Charles Eames said; “The details are not the details. They make the design”. Minimalism is a design trend that has lasted for years. Maximalism demands attention and stands out. Both ends of the scale have their advantages and disadvantages. So, who is right? Let’s delve further into each.


Minimalist designs are about only using what you need, and removing any extra details or colours. By only placing the most important items into a space, it gives them the opportunity to play a visual role in their environment and makes them stand out. The primary features of minimal designs include neutral colours, simple textures and clean lines. It allows for subtle changes to be easily noticed and allows for easy emphasis.



Maximalist designs, on the other hand, is when every space is filled with something. It doesn’t have to be overbearing, but this kind of design is very eye-catching. It uses colour, shapes, tone and texture to tell a story or give off a message.

To answer the question of whether minimalism or maximalism is a better design strategy: it depends on you. There is no general situation that can provide a correct answer. If you want a calming atmosphere, minimal is the way to go. If you want to add some energy and boldness to your home, try maximalism. As we all know, design isn’t black or white – it’s a spectrum of colours. If you want to try vibrant walls with a simple floor, just do it. The rules of design are meant to be broken and experimented with. The best way to discover what style you’re looking for is to test out different ideas until you find the one.


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