Ideas for Choosing Grey Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Are you looking to invest in new flooring for your home and are thinking of getting grey laminate flooring in Ireland? Laminate is a fantastic flooring option; there are plenty of colours and designs, and it is also highly durable and a more budget-friendly option compared to hardwood floors. Grey is a fantastic colour; it looks great and pairs well with many different shades, and is an ideal décor choice. There are also many grey shades which could make choosing the right shade for your laminate flooring seem more difficult. Keep reading to get some hints and tips to help you when you are buying grey laminate flooring in Ireland.  

Take Note of the Room’s Colour Scheme

The first thing to note when deciding on grey laminate flooring is the colour scheme of the surrounding room and its contents. It may be that you are redecorating the entire room or simply changing the flooring, but either way, making sure you have a cohesive colour scheme is important to get the aesthetic you want. The versatility of the grey colour gives you plenty of opportunities to find something that works for you. 

Darker greys paired with other warm colours such as reds, mustard yellows, burnt oranges and teals can work wonderfully and provide a pop of colour to the space, whereas lighter greys are complemented wonderfully by cooler shades such as pale greens, whites, and light purples and blues. Of course, there is the classic grey-on-grey which allows you to play around with different grey tones to create a stunning aesthetic. 

As you can see, whether you’re looking for a minimalistic or dramatic look, grey laminate flooring is an ideal addition to the room. 

What’s the Style of the Room?

Another thing to contemplate when buying grey laminate flooring is the style or theme you want to achieve in the room. The great thing about grey laminate flooring is that it can convey both traditional and modern themes. The difference can be achieved depending on the type of finish your grey laminate flooring has; for example, if you’re looking to create a contemporary feel, a smooth and glossy finish may be what you’re looking for, whereas a matte and textured finish may be more appropriate for a traditional or vintage look. 

Deciding whether you want a traditional or modern style for the room can also be helpful when it comes to choosing the grey shade you want for your grey laminate flooring; a lighter grey would suit a more contemporary style, whereas a traditional room would look great with a darker shade. 

How Big is the Space?

The size of the room is also an important factor when deciding on grey laminate flooring. With a smaller room, you want to make sure that you have a light grey shade to help create the illusion of a brighter and more spacious area. On the other hand, a larger room with ample space could pull off a darker floor colour, helping to create a more intimate or cosy atmosphere.

What Kind of Lighting is Present? 

The lighting in the room could also indicate which type of grey flooring you should buy. Different areas of your house can experience various kinds of lighting; for example, a southern-facing room will see more natural light throughout the day compared to north-facing rooms, or you may have light bulbs in your rooms that differ in the kind of light they emit, whether it’s warm or cool. 

Taking the type of lighting into consideration can be very helpful when choosing grey laminate flooring, as it can affect the way the colour comes across, whether it becomes too dull and lost in the room or too overwhelming and bright. Choosing the right lighting can also help you to bring out the subtle nuances of the flooring and create a certain atmosphere for the space. 

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