Hardwood Flooring in Conservatories

Conservatories are generally used as places to relax. They have a lot of windows which means that wood floors can be easily seen in all their glory. However, it also causes the temperatures to vary greatly throughout the course of the year. The temperature and humidity can increase significantly in the summer whereas, the opposite applies in the winter. Your floor will need to be able to cope with the drastic change of elements.

Hardwood is regarded as one of the most desirable flooring materials because it has natural beauty, appealing warmth and is durable. However, like a tree, solid wood expands and contracts in response to heat and moisture. This means that solid wood floors could get damaged quickly if they were to be installed in a conservatory. Therefore, it is generally not advised to lay down a solid wood floor in this room. That being said, engineered and laminate wood floors are both suitable for your conservatory and will make sure that your room has the warm, homely appeal of a wood floor for many years to come.

The thin layers of engineered wood allow for the floor to expand and contract at the different levels within the wood in response to the heat. This means that the heat can easily get through the wood without damaging the floor itself or changing its appearance. In addition to that, there is such a large range of engineered wood, so it’s easy to find something that will suit your desires. Check out our wide selection of engineered floors here.

Laminate flooring is also an excellent choice for your conservatory as it is easy to install and maintain. If you have a door going into a garden, then this is a good choice as it is much easier to clean and does not get easily damaged by dirt. As well as this, laminate floors are highly resistant to heat and the sun’s UV rays. They look modern and stylish and are becoming increasingly realistic. Here at Canadia, we have plenty of colours and designs to choose from. Check out our range here.

Solid flooring is generally not recommended for conservatories as the sunlight and temperature conditions have the potential to cause serious damage to your floor. That being said, it is possible to regulate the temperature of the conservatory which would reduce the heat damage. The solid wood may still fade in the light but installing lighter coloured floors, such as our Brookfield Oiled Oak, may minimise the faded appearance. If you plan to place a rug or mat on the floor, it would also be advisable to move this around so that certain areas of the floor are not different shades.

To conclude, hardwood floors are an excellent option to increase the warm appearance of your conservatory as the light really enhances their look. While solid wood floors aren’t advisable for this room, they are possible. However laminate and engineered floors are more suited to the environment.

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