Five Ways to Personalise Your Flooring

Is it time to update the flooring in your home? Then let’s start by putting some floor design ideas together. Flooring is an essential part of a room in terms of practicality; however, it also plays a role in the room’s overall aesthetics, whether it becomes the focal point or is there to make the main elements of the room pop and come alive. There are many options available, and several ways to get your flooring to become more personal to you and your room; take a look below. 

The Flooring Material

One of the first things to discuss when brainstorming floor design ideas is the type of material you want. Different materials will be able to offer various qualities, and it’s important to recognise which one is going to be best suited to your lifestyle. For example, knowing the amount of foot traffic the space receives, whether there are children or pets in the home, is it going into a room that sees more mess than other areas, such as the kitchen? Considering these points when you are redoing your floor design in Dublin, can help you choose a material that will make your new flooring more personalised to your lifestyle and needs. 

Experiment with Colour

When you’re coming up with floor design ideas, playing around with different colours is a great way to personalise the space. Flooring comes in a vast range of colours and shades, so there is plenty of opportunity to find something that you love and works well with your other décor to create the desired appearance you want for your room. There are many different colour combinations, so it’s important to identify what you want the room’s overall theme to be. 

Are you looking for a more intimate space and think warmer and darker colours are a better option? Perhaps you want to brighten the space or make a smaller area look larger; in which case lighter colours may be more appropriate. 

Deciding whether you want everything to complement everything else and create a sense of cohesion or whether you want to make certain parts pop could also determine whether to look for complementary or contrasting colours. Colour can play such a huge part in personalising your flooring and the other elements of the room. 

Bring in Some Texture

When you are putting together your floor design ideas, texture is another factor to consider when trying to add a more personalised touch to your flooring; an ideal way to do this is by incorporating a rug. 

Rugs come in a vast range of sizes, shapes and colours, so there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding something that compliments or pops against your floor design and the rest of your room’s décor. 

The softer texture can create a lovely contrast against the hard floors and bring a sense of 3Dness to the area. Rugs can also be a good addition to your floor design if you have a large, open-plan space and want to split the room, giving the illusion of different areas whilst maintaining a sense of openness. 

Explore a Range of Patterns

Flooring comes in a broad range of patterns, which is another way to make your floor design more personal. Some examples of patterns include; narrow plank, herringbone, chevron, and basketweave. Choosing something a little different for your floor design could be a great way to add a unique touch to the room and turn the floor into a focal point. 

Find a Finish to Suit the Style of the Room

The finish of your flooring can be helpful when it comes to creating the vibe of the room. If you want to go more modern and contemporary, giving your flooring a glossy finish could help you achieve this. However, if your floor design ideas centre around rustic, vintage and traditional, unfinished flooring or a matt finish could be more appropriate to get across your preferred style.

How We Can Help You

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