Exploring the Benefits of Opting for Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Through our founders, the Mulvey family of Dundrum, Co Dublin, here at Canadia, we have almost 100 years’ experience in supplying and installing the best quality flooring solutions across Ireland. We continue to innovate and develop new product lines which provide our customers with a great range of solutions to meet their needs, budget, and interior design ideas.

We have a great reputation for excellence and have invested in significant amounts of training our team of specialists in each type of flooring we provide including solid, engineered, and laminate wood floor solutions so that we can work with our customers to achieve our mutual goal of creating timeless elegance in their homes.

One of our most popular and enduring ranges is laminate flooring. It is a design classic and offers so many benefits and quick wins for homeowners wanting to upgrade their home design. Beow, we are going to explore in greater detail how you can take advantage of these quick wins in your interior design plans.

Simple and Affordable to Install

We all live very busy lives and are juggling multiple priorities and demands on our time. We are looking for quick outcomes to our decisions and solutions that we can enjoy quickly while still having great design options and looking timeless and elegant. This is where laminate flooring can contribute to making your life easier.

We also know that any home improvement project comes with budget considerations, and laminate flooring is a great quick win here. It is a cost-effective flooring alternative without compromising on the all-important design-led aesthetics. Laminate can convincingly mimic the appearance of various natural materials, including wood, stone, or tile, allowing you to achieve the desired look while keeping a check on your budget.

Laminate flooring boasts a relatively straightforward installation process which allows for hassle free installation and faster results. The laminate planks are manufactured to have a profile on all four sides to enable them to be clicked together without any requirement for glue. When you have explored the range of laminate flooring available and made the decision of the style, type, colour, and design we can do the rest and let you focus on other things.

Easy to Maintain

Once you have had the laminate flooring installed you can enjoy the ease of maintaining it. It doesn’t take specialist products or cleaning routines and with some simple regular maintenance you can keep your new flooring looking fantastic for many years to come.

Regular sweeping or vacuuming, with occasional cleaning with appropriate products and a mop is all you need to keep it looking pristine. This quick win is a gift that keeps on giving for those with busy home and work lives, family commitments or hectic social lives, the low-maintenance aspect is particularly appealing.

Durable and Long Lasting

Laminate flooring is designed to withstand many of the trials a busy life throws at it. Unlike some solid wood options, it is resistant to many scratches and scuffs and is ideal for high traffic areas of your home such as kitchens, hallways and living rooms, and also suits homes that embrace natural light and large windows, glass walls and open plan living. It is more resistant to sun fading than other flooring options and therefore a great option for the sun trap areas of your home.

You should also consider laminate flooring if you are a pet owner; the benefits for use with pets are that they cannot cause damage as easily as its design and composition means it is much more resistant to claw scratches and unwanted stains from liquid damage.

Laminate flooring strikes a remarkable balance between style, resilience, and cost-effectiveness, making it an obvious choice for homeowners seeking a blend of these essential qualities. As we navigate our hectic routines, we seek straightforward, impactful, and enduring solutions. When, alongside our team of specialists, you’ve determined that laminate flooring aligns with your requirements, rest assured, you’ve made a smart decision.

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