Are Wood Floors Bad for the Environment?

We feel it is important to dispel the myths about wood flooring being bad for the environment. Wood is the only flooring material that is entirely sustainable because trees are a natural resource that can be regrown. Wood grows in a factory called a forest using a renewable source of energy called the sun. Manufacturing wood into flooring also uses less water and energy than manufacturing other flooring materials, which makes wood an environmentally friendly flooring option. Through sustainable harvesting and their carbon-neutral status, hardwood floors create a very low environmental impact.

Wood is carbon neutral and remains that way even after being harvested. During their growth cycle, trees produce oxygen. What most people don’t realise, however, is that during its service life, wood also sequesters carbon. So whatever its end use – as flooring, cabinets, even picture frames – wood continues to sequester carbon during its entire service life.

We believe it’s important to help consumers understand the many environmental benefits of wood flooring and this can lead them to choosing more wood for their flooring projects, while helping them to understand grade and performance issues can help establish realistic expectations that will result in happy customers.

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