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Exploring the Benefits of Adding Finishing Touches to your Flooring

Having new flooring in your home is an exciting time. It offers the opportunity to breathe fresh life into your living space, providing a clean, modern, and professional upgrade that everyone can enjoy. The prospect of new flooring isn’t an everyday purchase, making...

Why Waterproof Laminate is a Practical Choice for a Busy Family Home

We've all envisioned this scenario: choosing the perfect flooring for your home, contemplating colours, designs, furniture coordination, and wall paint that complements the overall aesthetic. After consulting with our team of experts and getting the flooring...

Exploring the Benefits of Opting for Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Through our founders, the Mulvey family of Dundrum, Co Dublin, here at Canadia, we have almost 100 years’ experience in supplying and installing the best quality flooring solutions across Ireland. We continue to innovate and develop new product lines which provide our...

How Your Choice of Flooring Affects Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to building a healthy indoor environment, one of the most often-overlooked aspects is the selection of flooring material. The materials beneath your feet not only influence the visual appeal of your living space but also play a crucial role in...

How to Care for Your Laminate Flooring at Home

More and more homeowners are choosing laminate flooring for their spaces. And, it’s easy to see why. Laminate floors are durable, aesthetically appealing and really easy to maintain. Whether you have recently installed laminate flooring at your home, or are looking to...

Finish your floor in style

Our range of Floor Accessories, designed to work alongside your new floor, include matching and contrasting profiles, rosettes, scotia and skirting.

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An extensive range of on-trend colours available in five versatile board formats and a highly durable, abrasion-resistant surface – our Egger Collection not only looks effortless, but provides a robust, sustainable, and cost-effective flooring solution designed to last.

With 70+ innovative décors spanning woodgrain, ceramic and tile inspired designs, our new collection of laminate flooring offers a look for every application.

Making a splash

Our laminate flooring with Aqua technology provides a water-resistant flooring solution and an easy-to-clean, cost-effective alternative to tiles.

This unique flooring is much more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate and offers an extended guarantee in residential applications.

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